About ArtPrize

Everyone needs times of connection and belonging. The thrill of being part of something bigger than ourselves. The jubilant intersection of creativity, fellowship, and wonder.

You've felt it before, right?

We have too. And it's what we're all about.

ArtPrize is not only free and open to the public, it's also open to any artist, be they from down the road or the other side of the world. We welcome anyone in the mediums of visual or experiential art who have artwork to enter and venues eager to host these works.

For eighteen days, art is exhibited in galleries and storefronts. Parks and museums. In speakeasies and in public spaces and at venues of all kinds.

As for the prize in ArtPrize, we award over $400,000 directly to artists through both popular and juried voting. In addition, we distribute over $200,000 in annual artist grants to support the ambitious work of eligible participating artists.

Our roots reach back to 2009, and this year we're taking the best of what we've been—what you've loved—and merging it with new inspiration. Because through a new public/private partnership, this remarkable event for the community is now a remarkable event of the community.

This is everyone's ArtPrize. Let's make it awesome together.

Past Winners

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ArtPrize Team

Catlin Whitington - Executive Director

Eric DeLong - Interim Director

Meg Vande Guchte - Chief Financial Officer


Kristie Hollingsworth - DevDreams - Development Partner


Mallory Shotwell - Cultivate - Education Partner


JoLee Kirkikis - Exhibitions Director

Kailey Smith-Barth - Exhibitions Manager


Chandra Pearson - Director of Finance & Business Affairs


Amy Nieuwsma - Amy Day Design

Operations and Events

Derek Call - Event Operations Director

Work With Us

Check out our LinkedIn Page for any full-time or seasonal openings.


Media Requests

The ArtPrize team is available year-round for media inquiries, media interested in attending the upcoming ArtPrize event, or image and content requests. Please contact us for all media requests.

Brand Guidelines

You must have specific written permission to use any of our registered or unregistered trademarks. Should you have any questions about using our name, logo, or other marks, and to request permission to use registered or unregistered trademarks, please contact us.

Brand Guidlines

How is ArtPrize Supported

ArtPrize is a non-profit that relies on both the support of regional and national sponsors, foundations, partners, and the generosity of individual supporters.

It's the financial support from our community that enables ArtPrize to support artists, venues, and events and to promote this incredible and unique festival globally.

We ask you to join us in supporting artists and creatives and ensuring ArtPrize remains a platform for the community to celebrate. More information is available here on how you can make a donation or become a sponsor or partner.


A collaboration among The City of Grand Rapids, Downtown Grand Rapids, Inc. (DGRI), and Kendall College of Art and Design of Ferris State University (KCAD) Artist centered. Public voting. Juried artwork. Big prizes. Dynamic events. Tons of people. Abundant joy.

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