ArtPrize Entry Categories


Entries that exist primarily on a flat plane. Painting, drawing, photography, printmaking, and most textiles are examples of 2D work.


Entries that can be displayed electronically through a screen such as TVs, tablets, projection equipment, or the like. The artist is responsible for providing, securing, and maintaining the equipment, electricity, internet, etc.


Entries that occupy space and are intended to be viewed from multiple angles. Sculptures that are not site-specific are in the 3-D category.


Entries that are dependent on the site in which they are installed. The location makes up an important part of the work. Installation is different from 3D in that changing the location of the piece would dramatically change the work


Entries that are durational and change over time. The viewer has to spend some time with the work to fully view it. This includes performance, video and film, dance, music, and interactive work